Lakewood Washington Ford in Lakewood, Washington - 7 weeks of lies, anguish and bad customer service

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Words can't even describe the *** these people have put me through. The lies, the stories, the lack of care. It was by far the most awful 7 weeks of car ownership. That all ended today, as I gave up and traded my Lakewood FORD in for a used Ford from another dealer.

They knew they sold me a car with engine issues, yet they did everything to hide it. When I uncovered it and confronted them, they offered to "repair" my car.. Upon getting a solid diagnosis from my mechanic, I took the car back to them and they quickly confirmed his diagnosis. But with out any input from me, I was offered first a new engine, then a rebuilt engine and then a used 60K engine.... I reluctantly agreed to the last and wish I never had... They wound up putting in a 165K USED engine and they did an awful job at that.

The loner they stuck me with was a pile too.. It had some kinda smart key on so you couldn't use the stereo much and it was always beeping....

There customer care through all of this was terrible and no one seemed interesting in helps us get through it other than throwing the loaner at me

In the end, all i wanted was a clean, commuter and insted I . got a massive headache

Now some other poor sap will inheart that hunk of junk

You have been warned

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Lakewood Washington Ford in Tacoma, Washington - Waste of Time


I purchased a Ford Ranger from Lakewood Ford, and would return for maintenance. There service department is a joke.

I call to make an appointment and am put on hold for 10 minutes. I was hoping for the upcoming Saturday, but they were booked, so I scheduled for the following Saturday for an oil change for 8:30 on a Saturday morning. When I show up, I'm informed there will be a 2 1/2 hour wait. Why do I waste my time to make an appointment then?

I turned around and left.

Waste of a Saturday morning. I put my lost was 25 dollars, for my time and the McDonalds I bought, but what price can you put on sleeping in on a Saturday.

Monetary Loss: $25.

Lakewood Washington Ford in Yelm, Washington - Lakewood Washington Ford


We don't the best credit, and we do have a past bankruptcy. However we deserve to be treated like a customer and not a waste of time. Lakewood Ford completely blew us off. They sent me on a wild goose chase to find a paper that they said they had to have regarding our bankruptcy. So I contacted our B Lawyer and they said such a paper does not exist, not only through their law firm, but any law firm. Does not Exist!

I went back and told them such a form does not exist, and they were like oh....OK.

After that they didn't return our phone calls they didn't try and work with us they totally blew us off. Like I said our credit is not great, and maybe we couldn't get financing for the vehicle we wanted,( which was middle of the road by the way), but they didn't even try and work with us at all. Most places would try and find you something that suits your situation, maybe its older few more miles on it, less expensive.....whatever. They totally blew us off. So we will never recommend Lakewood Wa Ford to anyone. We will tell others how we were treated there.

Monetary Loss: $32.

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